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Zeynela Motor Vehicles became the official distributor of Yıldız Trailer in 3 countries

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Zeynela Motor Vehicles, Yıldız Treyler’in 3 ülkede resmi distribütörü oldu

Zeynela Motor Vehicles expanding its international service network and product range.

Zeynela Motor Vehicles, a subsidiary of Soycan Group of Companies operating in the automotive sector, continues to respond to the needs of the sector with its expanding product range. Being the distributor of vehicles, equipment and spare parts for the international logistics, transportation, construction, agriculture and defense sectors with its high brand quality and customer-oriented service approach, Zeynela signed a distributorship agreement with Yıldız Trailer, Turkey’s first trailer company, for refrigerated vehicles covering the Belarus, Ukraine and Russian markets. With this agreement, Zeynela aims to respond to the different product needs of companies providing cold chain transportation services in the logistics sector in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia with competitive prices.

Established in Belarus, which is an important transit point in the European transportation network; and started up Ukrainian and Turkish companies in 2020, Zeynela Motor Vehicles continues to incorporate the leading brands of the industry. Zeynela, which has recently signed an important cooperation with Anadolu Isuzu and became the distributor of Anadolu Isuzu brand buses in Belarus and Ukraine, and Yıldız Trailer, which is Turkey’s first trailer company and increases its competitive power with each passing day, within the scope of the new cooperation, in Belarus, Ukraine. signed a distributorship agreement for refrigerated vehicles covering the Russian and Russian markets.

With this distributorship agreement signed with Turkey’s first trailer company, which produced its first refrigerated trailer with the technology it acquired from Europe in 1982 and has been serving Turkey’s cold transportation such as meat, milk, ice cream, chicken and fish for years since then, Zeynela both diversified its product range and announced that it would enter the Russian market for the first time through refrigerated vehicles. Continuing its efforts to expand its product range by meeting with Turkey’s largest commercial vehicle brands in its field, Zeynela aims to open up to the Russian and United Arab Emirates markets by the end of 2022.

New brands to bring new markets

Stating that Zeynela is in a position to easily meet the needs of a wide audience in the logistics, transportation, construction, agriculture and defense sectors, Soycan Group of Companies Chairman Yılmaz Soycan gave the following information about the new distributorship activities: Through our Turkish companies, we open world-class quality and long-lasting commercial vehicles to the world with competitive opportunities with after-sales services. In addition to our existing brands Koluman and Anadolu Isuzu, we have now made an agreement with Yıldız Trailer, the first trailer company of our country, which has been continuing its production for years, which they started with great courage in 1975. Thanks to the polyurethane material that provides high external durability and high heat insulation used in the refrigerated vehicles, which are the common tools of cold chain logistics, used for the safe transportation of heat-sensitive loads such as fresh vegetables-fruits, ornamental plants, frozen products, medical products and chemicals; we will carry Yıldız Trailer quality to Belarus, Ukraine and Russia markets. As Zeynela, our new collaborations will continue in 2022, and our views with the first and largest commercial vehicle companies in our country continue at full speed. In addition to the Ukrainian and Belarusian markets where we are currently operating, we will also expand to the Russian and United Arab Emirates markets in 2022 with our new brands.”

Investment that facilitates semi-trailer purchases in Belarus: Zeynela Finance Program

Stating that they continue their investments without slowing down and that they have implemented the “Zeynela Finance Program” with the agreements they have made with banks in Belarus, Soycan said: “Within the scope of this program, companies that want to expand or renew their semi-trailer fleet will be able to apply to the program without a minimum purchase limit. With the Zeynela Finance Program, companies will benefit from private consultancy, leasing and financing conditions suitable for individuals/institutions, and will have the opportunity to develop their businesses with flexible payment options. Through the program, we aim to increase our sales by 50 percent in the short term. In the long term, it is among our plans to increase our market dominance and customer satisfaction at important transit points in the European transportation network.”

“We aim to complete our dealer structuring in more than 20 cities in Ukraine”

Listing the criteria in the distributorship agreements as location and facility suitable for sales, service, spare parts activities, prestige in the region, financial competence, sales target, and organizational structure, Soycan elaborated the steps to be taken in line with the growth target as follows: “Our Ministry of Economy provides significant support to Turkish exporters through Eximbank. We aim to increase our exports to the region by 100 percent in this context, with the international insurance product they have and the support provided by Eximbank. Our sales activities in Belarus are carried out directly by the local teams of Zeynela. Sales, service and spare parts operations are carried out through dealerships in Ukraine. In this context, we aim to complete our dealer structuring in more than 20 cities in Ukraine by 2022.”

A world-class software work continues

Underlining that they are a company that was established with 100 percent Turkish capital and maintains its independent structure, Soycan said, “Since our potential customers in automotive are also customers of our logistics company, a win-win opportunity arises in this context. With our new agreements, we aim to increase over 100 percent in terms of human resources. In addition, such important collaborations will bring technological investments. In this sense, we are planning to integrate the sales, service and supply chain with the software we are preparing for, by implementing a world-class software. As Zeynela, we will continue to offer the right product to the right market and act with local teams in multi-language and multi-culture.”

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