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Our Perspective on Social Responsibility

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Our Perspective on Social Responsibility

Sosyal Sorumluluğa Bakış Açımız

As Soycan Group of Companies, we work by considering our responsibility towards people and society in all our activities, and we aim for each project we implement to contribute to our employees and society. We evaluate every decision we make with our understanding of social responsibility and aim to achieve the most beneficial results.

Our primary goal in our projects is to contribute to raising future generations as individuals who are more sensitive, conscious and aware of people and society, and to take steps together for the education and happiness of our children who are our future.

As Soycan Family and Group of Companies, we believe that everyone should contribute to the social, economic, cultural and social development of our country by working and producing to the extent of their own means and capacity. We support the efforts of our graduates to maintain their lives by taking their place in business life with our human resources policies. While continuing our support within the framework of this understanding, we hope to set a good example for all business people and citizens.

Our basic principles on which we base our social responsibility practices are as follows:

  • To strive for the development of our society within the framework of the principle of corporate social responsibility.
  • To produce and develop projects that will take our society forward economically and socially, or to support such projects.
  • To contribute to the upbringing of modern generations by working in the field of education,
  • To be able to notice differences, to respect differences and to see the world through the eyes of others, that is, to empathize.
  • To ensure that children who produce and change through social responsibility projects realize what they can do, and contribute to raising stronger and freer individuals.
  • To take care that all our social responsibility activities create a measurable and sustainable impact.
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