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Soycan Group of Companies Human Resources Policy

The biggest value of Soycan Group of Companies invests is “human”. The main human resources strategy of the company is to make the “Perfect Employer” position permanent and sustainable for its current and potential employees. Soycan Group of Companies, which is fair, transparent and has the right to speak, where employees find opportunities to reveal their potential, each employee contributes to the future of Soycan Group of Companies by creating value and sees value, high performance, development-oriented, strong and effective leadership in all areas. The main goal of Soycan Group of Companies’ human resources strategy is to create a happy, efficient, successful and healthy workforce with high corporate culture and loyalty by embracing the values it owns.

Around the principle of “working in accordance with the principles of efficiency and profitability”; It is the primary goal of Soycan Group of Companies to have creative, disciplined, self-motivated employees who are specialized in their fields and can reveal new expansions in their field by developing its contemporary and innovative corporate structure.

Search and Selection Policy

Soycan Group of Companies offers career and development opportunities to employees who are self-motivated, proactive, result-oriented, talented, open to development and communication. The main objective in recruitment processes is to analyze the skills and abilities of the candidates well, to “place the right candidates for the right job” and to reveal the potential of the candidates / employees in line with these analyzes.

Employee needs are met with applications made to postings published on career portals and candidates through internal references. The measurement and evaluation tools required by the position are applied to candidates to be recruited.

Soycan Group of Companies offers career opportunities to new graduates and prepares them for business life by encouraging them with its “Young Talent Programs”,

Learning and Development Policy

The goal of Soycan Group of Companies is to support the career and social development of its employees with professional and personal development programs.

It creates and implements the learning plans and programs together with its employees and managers according to the needs analysis, career management and performance evaluation system.

The “Manager Development Program”, targets the professional and personal development of managers and manager candidates as well as the development of their managerial skills and prepares them for the future.

Performance Evaluation Policy

Performance Management System;

It is aimed to integrate company goals with employees’ personal goals, to support personal success, to increase company success, to evaluate the contribution of all employees in achieving company goals with a fair, systematic and measurable method, to increase employee loyalty to the company by determining the expectations of the employees, and to increase workforce productivity by creating a motivating working environment.

Two separate performance evaluation systems are applied in Soycan Group of Companies, Target-Based and Competency-Based. Qualified by the Board of Directors as “SMART” for each employee at the beginning of each year in line with the company targets; separate, specific, measurable, achievable, result-oriented and time-limited goals are determined; these goals are regularly monitored and those who achieve their goals are rewarded.

Career Management Policy

The basic philosophy of Soycan Group of Companies is to support each employee’s career goals by providing career planning and development in line with their expectations.

Soycan Group of Companies aims to train its top managers from among its own employees. The career path is open for all employees, up to the Headquarters. Employees define, plan and manage their own career goals together with the Human Resources Department and their managers.

Employee Engagement and Motivation Policy

The main policy of Soycan Group of Companies is to support social activities and activities that will increase the motivation and loyalty of its employees, based on the principle of maintaining the balance of work and private life. In this context, it develops practices and activities that prioritize the satisfaction, motivation, loyalty of its employees and the peace of the working environment; It organizes communication meetings, organizations and events in order to strengthen communication and cooperation among employees and to ensure cohesion.

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