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Message from our Chairman of the Board

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Message from our Chairman of the Board

Yılmaz Soycan

Dear investors, business partners and very valuable employees;

Soycan Group of Companies, which was founded in a small town of Bolu in Anatolia, has gained the ability to do business in different sectors with its 70 years of commercial history and has transformed from a local company to a group of companies engaged in intercontinental commercial activities.

Since the day it was founded, our group, which has grown rapidly with the strength of the principles of honesty and reliability, continues to move forward without hesitation towards its new targets with confident steps. Our group, which riveted its multicultural structure, which is a reflection of Anatolia’s commercial tradition, with its commercial activities in nearby geography countries, is expanding its goals by opening up to the US and UK markets today.

We have become a group of companies whose sphere of influence is expanding day by day and making decisive breakthroughs with the identity of innovation leader on this road we set out to always seek better with the strength we have from our deep-rooted past, to progress in the pursuit of quality, to develop, to transform and to adapt to changing conditions.

As Soycan Group of Companies, we adopt the understanding of “Be global, act local” in all our works. We provide services with local human resources in the markets in which we operate, and we try to maintain the service quality we have achieved at world standards without compromising our global perspective. We offer quality products/services at competitive prices in a sustainable way at every stage of the supply chain. Regardless of our field of activity, we put after-sales services, customer experience and satisfaction at the center of our business. Because we know that “perfect experience” lies at the heart of all business and all relationships, no matter what business we are doing in the age we live in. That’s why we strive to do better by improving the customer experience we deliver every day. With the understanding of “multi-language, multi-culture”, we provide flexibility to work with different locations and different cultures.

Soycan Group of Companies, the biggest value we have invested since the first day is’ human‘, because we know that behind every successful job, there is a team with high synergy where the right people are channeled to the right jobs. Our group’s core human resources strategy is to make the “Excellent Employer” position continuous and sustainable for its current and potential employees. The main goal of Soycan Group’s human resources strategy is to create a happy, efficient, successful and healthy workforce with a high corporate culture and commitment by embracing the values that Soycan embraces, showing a strong and effective leadership in every field, high performance, development-oriented, and where each employee contributes to and values the future of the group by creating value, and where employees have the opportunity to reveal their potential.

I would like to thank all of our employees, stakeholders, and Soycan enhancers who have accompanied Soycan’s growth journey, and our business partners, customers and shareholders who are always there for us with their support. In the upcoming period, we will continue to transform, develop and achieve new successes by focusing on sustainability, technology and innovation with their support.

Chairman of the Board

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