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About Yılmaz Soycan

Yılmaz Soycan, Chairman of Soycan Group of Companies whose foundations date back to the 1950s completed his high school education in Ahmet Şimşek College and graduated from Uludağ University, Department of Business Administration.

Starting his career as the 3rd generation member of Soycan family in the family store where they used to sell automotive spare parts in Bolu, Yılmaz Soycan became the sole stakeholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors after taking over all shares of the multi-partner family company, Çağ Uluslararası Nakliye, in his early-20s. Setting off with a sole company, Yılmaz Soycan built the Soycan Group of Companies into a strategic partner that operates in intercontinental scale with 13 companies across 6 countries and engages in long-term active trade with local and international companies through its commercial approach of “taking from the East and presenting to the West” by which the capital culture of Anatolia is maintained.

Yılmaz Soycan

Apart from his visionary and entrepreneurial business person identity, and undertaking active roles in conducting commercial diplomacy relations in the business world, Yılmaz Soycan served as the Deputy Chairman of the DEİK/Turkey-Romania Business Council between 2015-2017 and the Deputy Chairman of the DEİK/Turkey-Belarus Business Council between 2017-2019. Having been elected as the Chairperson of the DEİK/Turkey-Belarus Business Council in 2020, Yılmaz Soycan carries out this duty successfully and contributes to the implementation of investment projects that will support the economic development of the two countries.

Believing in long-term strategies in business life, Yılmaz Soycan’s goals for the next 20 years are centered on moving the professional activities in the trade diplomacy field to the next level and on raising the Soycan Group of Companies to a holding status that operates with local offices in 50 countries and has the ability to do business with different cultures in every branch of international trade.

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