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CAG Logistics strengthens its position in the Romanian market with the establishment of a new company.

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CAG Logistics established its second European company in Romania

CAG Logistics, a member of Soycan Group of Companies operating in the field of logistics and supply chain management with the motto of “On time, in the right place!” since 1952, launched its second company abroad in Romania following the establishment in Bulgaria. As one of the transportation companies with the largest share of the Turkey-Romania route, the company will provide complete and partial transportation services at more advantageous times and costs through the company established in Romania, one of the most important bridge points between Turkey and Europe. It will also contribute to an increase in the volume of trade between Turkey and Romania, which currently exceeds $7 billion.

CAG Logistics, which operates in the field of logistics and supply chain management as a subsidiary of the Soycan Group of Companies and is one of the largest logistics service providers in Turkey, has chosen Romania as the third company and office structure after Turkey and Bulgaria. As of January, the company’s new investment will offer complete and partial transportation services at more advantageous times and costs, strengthening its competitive position on the Romanian line and supporting the activities of its Turkish office. Noting that they chose this period for the restructure of the new office against the disruptions in the supply chain and the rise in freight prices, Yılmaz Soycan, Soycan Group of Companies, and CAG Logistics Chairman of the Board states: ” With this step we have taken, our Turkey office will carry out its own independent operations as well as supporting Romanian operations. “.

Sustainable transportation service with advantageous freight rates and times
Mr. Soycan states they will provide road and intermodal transportation, warehousing, transshipment, and internal distribution services with the investment, and that they took this step to gain the strong position achieved in the Romanian line both throughout in Turkey and in the Romanian market, and that is to become one of the strongest logistics companies there. He also states: “Romania is currently a very strong country with a logistics and commercial infrastructure. We, like all businesses, have struggled to provide competitive service to our customers due to increased freight and long wait caused by the global market crisis, the result of the pandemic. By establishing our Romania office, we aim to use it as a transit point to reduce our costs and thus offer our customers convenient transportation times and freight rates. The most significant issue in the supply chain is the increase in freight and the inability to deliver cargo on the day and on time. Thanks to our Romanian company, we will provide transportation services to Turkish manufacturers and exporters-importers in a sustainable manner with affordable freight prices.”

“We are proceeding to take steps in the journey to become a global player”
Mr. Soycan states that they decided to enter the Romanian market in order to minimize current problems, noting that companies are trying to find new opportunities and solutions in a time of crisis in logistics all over the world. Mr. Soycan, continues his statements about their new investments in Romania as follows: “With this investment, we will focus on Eastern Bloc countries. Romania, which is a member of the European Union and is rapidly developing, has a significant position on logistics routes will help us in European transports. Currently, we have teammates, nationals of foreign countries, serving in 11 languages in our Turkey office. Thanks to the new company, we will expand our multilingual and multicultural structure. We also consider the matter as we pursue to take steps, in a way, to become a global player. Our new investment will enable us to reach local companies in Romania that we have not been able to reach until now. Conducting this business with our own team in a country that will be utilized as a transfer point for transportation between Europe and Turkey will give us an advantage in terms of operation follow-up and cost. On the other hand, this investment will create an advantage for our companies titled “Sarpedon Global Trade” and “Zeynela Motor Vehicles” in the Romanian market, as the warehouse and logistics infrastructure will be set.”

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